Step For The Life

Life is a story, story that every people thru step by step. Life is a magic, because life can change just in the seconds time and we never know what happen in the future.
In life we will feel sad, angry, happy, and many more. That’s why life is always color full.

If you want to make your life beautiful is not easy. Because you must have to undergo step-by-step. Every step has it’s own challenge and the challenge you will get the experience.
The best step in the life is when you are being zero to the hero. Really wonderful if it come true.
No reason why we must dismiss that. This is the life what The God give to us. Sometimes we’re think that God is crazy to give us a hard life. God crazy to make us always feel sad. God is not fair. But you must understand that this is life, the step you will heading. Until you live in the heaven.

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